See I Make All Things New

PUBERTY- 3 examples of how the mass media can take advantage of the changes we experience at puberty.

ATHLETE- A student athlete decides to do their homework before practice, instead of afterwards. Identify 3 consequences that may result from this decision. (Consequences aren't always bad!)

VIRTUE-  3-5 Sentences on How can a person become more virtuous- examples

SPOUSES - 3-5 sentences on 3 examples of  How spouses can lead each other to Heaven and write a letter to your future spouse or to God in hopes for your vocation in Religious Life... the letter should be all the things that you hope for in your vocation. How you are preparing yourself know for the vocation.

Spouse Letter- Write a letter to your future spouse expressing your hopes and dreams for the marriage. It should be rooted in the teachings from the curriculum

Chastity- How does chastity protect human life and love