Grade 8 HW



9/7- Chapter 1 vocabulary. 5 words: Church, Communion of Saints, mystery, sanctify, Second Vatican Council


9/8-  The September 11th  homework is due on Monday. Please interview an adult (family member, neighbor, friend) and ask them at least 6 open-ended questions about their 9/11 experience. Please type up the questions and answers for Monday. Please bring in one typed version and another version on a flash drive. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. Watch a program over the weekend on the 10th anniversary.


9/13- Read pages 3-6 do all activities, look up and highlight all bible verses

9/19- Chapter 1 Quiz Tomorrow

9/20- Chapter 2 vocabulary found on pg 15 (9 words: Buddhism, Islam(Muslims), justification, New Testament, Old Testament, Paschal Mystery, purgatory, salvation history, Scripture)

9/21- pgs 11-13 all activities and highlight all bible verses

9/29- Design the book of the Bible cover- make sure it takes up the whole page, is in color, has the name of the book on it, any scripture verse is correctly cited, NEAT!!!! You must be able to explain why you designed it the way that you did.

10/3- Study for Chapter 2 Quiz

10/4- Chapter 3 vocab- pg21- 2 words- Pentecost and Canon Law

10/24- Read the rest of Chapter 3 and do the chapter review

12/12- Chapter 4 Review

12/15- Study for the Chapter 4 quiz

1/3- Chapter 5 vocab- 4 words: Beatitudes, Corporal Works of Mercy, Vocation, Witness

1/5- St Michael- How did Jesus witness, worship, and serve?

1/17- Unit 1 Review all parts- answer the questions in your journal

2/14-  Chapter 7 Review

3/6- TV and qualities work sheet

3/7- Chapter 8 vocabualry: 2 words on page 61- culture and interreligious dialogue