Grade 7 HW

Blessed John Paul II & Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati-

                                  On Going:  STUDY VOCABULARY!!!!

9/8-  The September 11th  homework is due on Monday. Please interview an adult (family member, neighbor, friend) and ask them at least 6 open-ended questions about their 9/11 experience. Please type up the questions and answers for Monday. Please bring in one typed version and another version on a flash drive. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. Watch a program over the weekend on the 10th anniversary.


9/13- Chapter 1 Vocabulary- pg 7 (6 words) Eternal Life, Incarnation, Jesus, Paschal Mystery, Savior, Trinity

9/19- Chapter 1 Quiz Tomorrow

9/20- Chapter 2 vocabulary -   3 words: faith, scripture, Tradition

9/21- Read pages 9-11 do all activities and highlight all Bible verses

10/4- Study for Chapter 2 quiz

10/5- Chapter 3 vocab- 6 words: evangelist, synoptic, Gospels, gentile, discourse, Acts of the Apostles

12/19- Study for Chapter 4 quiz

1/17- Chapter 6 vocabulary- 4 words: priest, prophet, John the Baptist, and Christ

2/14- Chapter 7 Read the end of the chpater and do the review

           Blessed JP2- Baseball Card due: Friday

           Blessed Pier Giorgio- Baseball Card due Thursday

3/5- Chapter 8 vocabulary: 4 words- RCIA, mystogagy, Mystical Body of Christ, catachumen

3/7- Work on Mary projects!!!

5/7- Chapter 10 vocab- 2 words Magisterium and Evangelization

5/8- 10 questions on the Rich Young Man in your book




Blessed John Paul II-

9/14- Read and do all exercises pgs4-6

9/22- pgs 12-14 Activities and highlighting


Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

9/27- pgs 12-14 Activities and highlighting

10/13- Write a 5 sentence paragraph on your Jesus bible reference from your book