Grade 6 HW



9/8-  The September 11th  homework is due on Monday. Please interview an adult (family member, neighbor, friend) and ask them at least 6 open-ended questions about their 9/11 experience. Please type up the questions and answers for Monday. Please bring in one typed version and another version on a flash drive. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. Watch a program over the weekend on the 10th anniversary.

9/19- pgs 6-8 do the activity and chapter review

9/21- Chapter 1 Quiz- play the online study study game!!

9/22- Chapter 2 Vocabulary pg 15- 6 words: Law, interpretation, Pentateuch, revelation, Torah, tradition

9/28- pgs 11-13 Highlighting and activities

9/29- pgs 14-16 highlighting and Chpater Review DO NOT do the middle section looking up Bible verses!

10/5- Abbreviations and middle section

10/12- Translate this and bible trivia question

10/13- Study for Chapter 2 quiz

10/14- Chapt 3 vocab- 3 words on page 21- free willm stewardship, creation

1/6- pages 31 and 32 of the Unit Review and work on the peace booklet

2/9- page 48 answer the questions using a bible and read about Jacob's dream

2/13- page 50 - read and answer questions & Chapter 7 Review

2/17- Chapter 8 vocabulary: 1 word- Divine Providence

3/7- Find an article/ current event (from this school year). Need to be able to tell how it displayed Solidarty

5/7- Study for quiz and Chapter 12 vocab


6A- St. Maria Goretti

9/14- Chapter 1 Vocab- 1 word(pg 7) Old Testament


6B- St John the Baptist

9/14- Daisies- color the middle yellow... write your name and a goal for your faith for the year